Your brand is everybody's business

Unlike your business, your brand is owned by everyone within your organisation. By making brand the responsibility of everyone, you build a successful business. That is why we created this - The Brand Issues Flipchart. Statuesque in size and insightful in nature, the Flipchart gives you the perfect starting point to create a brand everyone can participate in, contribute to and get behind. 



Higher productivity

21% of employees who understand their organisation's purpose work more efficiently to deliver it. 


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Higher Profitability

22% of employers with an aligned workforce report a more successful balance sheet. 



lower absenteeism

37% of employees who understand why their job matters are more likely to turn up regularly.


Fewer safety incidents

48% of employees who feel strongly connected to their organisation are more attentive to following safe working practices.





1. Five interactive exercises

2. Portable and easy to assemble

3. Bursting with insightful content

4. Multi award-winning design


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